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Waterslager Pet Shop



Welcome to our Pets & Glamour Store!

Have you ever wondered how grateful can be your pet for your care and love? Little hearts of those animals we take care of are able to warm us and hide from sad thoughts no matter how big our pets are. They may be small and fearful or big and brave, obedient or self-willed, they may differ in color and shape, but all they have is love in their hearts which we can easily discover just looking into their eyes.

A desire to surround your pet with tenderness and present him or her with some pleasant emotions making a little holiday for a dear animal is a quite natural one. And we know how to make your ideas real! Our Pets & Glamour Store can meet the needs and requirements even of the most hard-to-please customers. We tried to foresee your wishes and are ready to offer you a wide range of various pets clothes and accessories which are of premium quality and are in line with today's pets fashion and design. Besides, you are welcome to evaluate a great choice of birthday cakes, delicious treats, charming toys, carriers of all types, gifts for pet lovers and their little friends, and even more goods and brilliant ideas to make your pets happy.

Let us be your assistants in making a nice present for your beloved pet. Your little friend is worth some original and creative gifts which you will find among a big variety of our products. A charming animal world is already waiting for you!

Sandy Shower Perch Sandy Shower Perch
Multipurpose bird perch secures onto any smooth surface* Conveniently install a bird perch on any window or shower stall* Bird perch with oversized suction cups supports even heavy birdsTransform any smooth vertical surface into the ideal location fo..

Available Options

Comfy Perch Comfy Perch
Colorful, bendable perch lets you create the shape for visual excitement* Cotton perch soothes and exercises tender talons* Offer multiple perches in different shapes and sizes for perching varietyBooda has developed the bendable bird perch, made of ..
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