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Mohammad Ziadeh

Mohammed Ziadeh is a specialized consultant in breeding birds and studying their behaviors ,combining scientific method and experience- based education for more than 15 years, and here in this book he offers a summary of studies, scientific researches ,foreign translations, special education, practical experiences, comparisons and conclusions, also it answers all queries, problems and diseases, and what ever comes to your mind about this unique character of birds.
The most important of these books
Book of secrets of the African grey
Secrets Of Macaw Parrot Book
Secrets Of Amazon Parrot Book
Secrets Of Cockatoo Parrot Book
Book of secrets of the Canary Birds
Established in 2006 in Amman - Jordan with a different concept for decorative birds
After 10 years of work in this area specifically on 1 November 2017
Has been the establishment of an online store on the global level in general and at the Arab level in particular is
This store allows all customers to identify, buy and ship various products directly through Visa and Master card electronic payments to serve customers anywhere in the world
Consultant Mohamed Ziadeh offers through his shop an advisory service for all hobbyists, breeders, owners of birds and veterinarians